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AdAway v3.1.2 for Android

Use the Internet without annoying advertisements.


AdAway for Androids is a free app that can be downloaded onto any Android device. It will help to keep advertisements away when you use your Android for browsing the internet. If you are fed up with advertisements when browsing the internet on your Android device, the AdAway App is ideal for you.


AdAway is an app that works to block advertisements while you are on the internet. It is an open source ad blocker that works by using the hosts files on your Android. In order for AdAway to work on your Android you will need to have access to ROOT and also have Read/Write access on System-Partition, especially when using an HTC device.

AdAway is a free app to download onto any Android device with Android version 2.1. The reason that it is free is because AdAway is paid for through donations and not through sales.


The AdAway app is one that is fully customizable allowing you to remain in control at all times of what sites you would like to block. The full features of AdAway include:
• Define hostnames in the Blacklist
• Add your own hostname or IP in the Redirection list
• If an app does not work, you can list it as an exception
• AdAway is free
• AdAway lets you decide your host files
As AdAway is free, you are able to delete it if you find that this app is not for you for any reason.


As with all apps, there are some disadvantages to using AdAway. These disadvantages include:
• AdAway is not always reliable on mobile internet connections such as 3G
• AdAway is not available on Google Play
• Issues are common if System-Partition is not writable on HTC devices
• Any version of Android less than 2.1 is not compatible
• ROOT is required for AdAway
Most of the disadvantages are easily resolved and AdAway does have a FAQ sheet should you encounter any issues with your downloaded AdAway.

AdAway is an open source app that works to block all of those annoying pop ups and advertisements that come up when browsing the internet on your Android device. It is completely free to download although you can pay for a donation if you wish to do so. Also, you can always delete the app without losing anything if you find that AdAway is not for you. .

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